Rhythm of New Hampshire Show Chorus

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About Us

We are the Rhythm of New Hampshire Show Chorus, a dynamic women's acapella chorus! Join us Thursday nights at 6:45 pm at the Marion Gerrish Community Center in Derry, New Hampshire. 

For 13 years now, we have been making music together! We promise you an evening of fun, laughter, encouragement and of course wonderful acapella 4 part harmony. 

It doesn't get any better!


What part do I sing?

If you have never sung four-part harmony, barbershop style, you probably want to know what's so special about picking a part.   Unlike the traditional parts called soprano and alto, our singing parts have different names and thus different roles:

LEAD - sings the melody line most of the time.   They sing with authority. The lead section determines the chorus' personality.

       TENOR - sings harmony, usually above the leads.

                 BARITONE - sings harmony, above or below the lead and is the “glue” between the lead and bass parts.

                             BASS -  sings a low, full harmony part that rounds out the barbershop sound.

Each new guest spends a few minutes with our director, or someone from our music team, who will have you sing some scales to determine the most comfortable voice part. This is not an audition, just a way to make sure you start off in the appropriate section. After you have tried one part, if you would like to try a different one, please speak with our director.


How much does it cost?

Our current dues are $32 per month for each member.  This covers the cost of international and regional affiliation dues, hall rental fees, chorus equipment, coaching fees, music and learning track fees, director fees, etc.  There are some additional costs (i.e., costumes, make-up, expenses for attending conventions) that aren't covered by the monthly dues.  We make every effort to keep our dues from increasing by taking paid performances and fund-raising.


We hold rehearsals every Thursday night from 6:45 to 9:30 PM at the Marion Gerrish Community Center at 39 West Broadway, Derry, NH. 

Sweet Adelines International

Rhythm of New Hampshire Chorus is a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, one of the world's largest singing and music education organizations for women. Choruses like ours are located all over the USA, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, and we continue to expand to other countries.  The organization is divided into 30 regions. We belong to the North Atlantic Region (Region #1), which includes New England, Eastern New York and Eastern Canada.